Quality education is key to stability, human rights and unlocking the potential of children and youth – girls and women especially. In fragile contexts, schools are also safe spaces where students are protected from abuse and child labour while they gain the knowledge and skills to build a better future.   

In Kakuma and Kalobeyei, we manage six primary schools and seven early childhood education centres. The majority of our beneficiaries are refugees. We have constructed classrooms, installed water tanks, provided uniforms, textbooks, teacher’s guides and other equipment to learners We have also built gender-sensitive toilets, employed and facilitated training for teachers, and provided meals to the learners. We support the recruitment and management of teachers for all the schools in the settlements we work in and manage the training of teachers, parents and Board of Management’s. FCA Kenya also has special mentorship activities for all learners. 

The main objective of FCA Kenya’s education project in Kalobeyei, Turkana is to provide quality pre-primary and primary education for 21,000 children (13,000 boys and 8,000 girls) 18,500 of whom are refugees and 1,500 from the surrounding community.   

We want to ensure that schools are safe and inclusive and that quality teaching is available for everyone. We draw on our experience of Finland’s education system which is recognised as one of the best in the world in for early childhood development, primary and secondary education and vocational training.  

Besides building school structures and creating safe, environmentally friendly learning environments, we invest in supporting and building the capacities of teachers and Ministries of Education. 

Photo: Jari Kivelä