Peace is a prerequisite to just and resilient societies and women, youth, refugees and religious and traditional actors are at the heart of our peace work.

We support local communities and governments to resolve and prevent conflicts in five counties of Northern Kenya, including Baringo, Marakwet, West Pokot, parts of Samburu County and Turkana County. These areas suffer from disputes related to natural resources, such as water and land ownership, and lack of access to quality education. There have been security issues due to cattle raids, fighting for scarce resources and land disputes.

Since the beginning of our work, the number of violent incidents in Northern Kenya has reduced. The people we support have more sustainable livelihoods. They now process honey as a source of income and mitigate climate change. 

Our interventions include:  

  • Linking formal (National government) & informal (Council of elders, religious and traditional leaders) peace structures to strengthen conflict prevention and resolution.  
  • Gendering the peace processes through Women Talking Circles and creating platforms where can engage in peacebuilding and playing leadership roles in their communities. Advocating initiatives through capacity enhancement on issues affecting women and girls such as (Anti-Female Genital Mutilations, laws, child policies and mediation and  promotion of the role of women in peacebuilding.)  
  • Strengthening and promoting Inter & Intra Early Warning & Early Response (EWER) systems.  
  • Incorporating Climate Change & Adaptation (CCA) with the aim of addressing one of the root causes, supporting peace committees, beehives, training and natural resource management. 

By working for the Right to Peace, we empower people and local communities in fragile situations to contribute positively to preventing conflict, building sustainable peace and strengthening structures that support peace at all levels of society. 

We believe that community ownership, where the stakeholders themselves lead peace efforts, is the best way to achieve positive development and stability. Our special focus is on involving women and youth in peace initiatives in the area. There is no lasting peace if half of the population is left out from peace processes.