Privacy Protection

FCA Kenya respects and protects the privacy of the individuals who visit our website.


When you visit the FCA Kenya webpages, your web browser automatically stores cookies onto your hard drive. Cookies can contain text, numbers, dates, location information and other data, but cookies do not store any personal data. A cookie is neither an application, nor does it allow viruses or other malware to enter your computer.  Cookies do not harm your computer in any way.

Cookies help us find out the number of visitors to our pages, save selections made on the pages (e.g. language settings), monitor how the page is used (e.g. click streams) and focus and control advertising (e.g. not showing the same ads repeatedly). However, we do not monitor the data of individual visitors, but we store user data, based on behaviour and geographical location, for example.

Cookies help us improve the user experience on our webpages and introduce advertising that the user is interested in. For example, you might see FCA Kenya’s advertising while visiting other webpages. Cookies enable us to do this.

If you do not wish to have cookies stored on your device, you can prevent their use by changing the settings in your browser.