About Us

Our work is based on universal human rights and international humanitarian principles and standards. Our rights-based approach promotes equality, non-discrimination, participation, inclusion and accountability across our organisation, programmes and the communities where we operate.

Our vision is a world comprised of resilient and just societies where everyone’s right to peace, quality education and a sustainable livelihood has been fulfilled. Our mission is Action for Human Dignity.

We started operations in Kenya in 2014 as an independent office of Finn Church Aid (FCA) which was founded in Finland in 1947. 

Our Values

    • Unconditional love for our neighbours. We promote human rights for all and regard all human beings as equal. We trust our partners and learn together. We embrace diversity and create connections between people who think in different ways.

    • Unyielding hope. We are committed to working collaboratively and consistently to achieve our long-term goals. We take joy in progress and are not disheartened by setbacks.

    • Courage. We work courageously for change. We dare to question established practices and call for the re-evaluation of power structures where needed.

    • Respect. We respect each other and our different beliefs. We respect the communities we work with. We value the resources given to us and use them in a cost-efficient and transparent manner. We strive for mutual learning with our partners.

FCA is a member of ACT Alliance, a global network of church-affiliated aid organizations.

FCA Kenya Board of Directors

John Bongei

Country Director & Board Secretary

Marja Jörgensen

Director of International Programmenshot

FCA Senior Management Team

Rachael Thuita

Human Resource & Administration Coordinator

Alexon Mwasi

Programs Manager

Ahmed Shale

Education Specialist

Hilda Mawanda

Finance, Administration

Richard Tsalwa

Project Coordinator