What is creative industries?

THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES (CI) project is designed by FCA Kenya with the aim of empowering Kenyan youth (ages 18-35 years, both men and women) economically helping young people to acquire digital competence, technical creative skills and connecting them to key employment/entrepreneurship networks and opportunities for work.

Why the CI Program?

The unemployment rate among youth in Kenya has been on an upward trend since 2015. For the age group between 20 and 24 years, the rate stood at 16.3% in 2021, up from 7.3 % in 2015.

The creative economy has become an important contributor to economic growth for developing countries. The creative industries employ more youth than any other sector. It has shown resilience to the impact of global economic crises, making it an essential pillar of socio-economic growth. The creative industries represent sectors such as film, TV, music, game, radio, and design, where vital future skills like creativity, entrepreneurship, and digital skills combine.

Many of the creative skills trained in the project are in demand and transferable to not just companies working in the creative industries but also across all sectors

Project Goal

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the enhancement of Kenya’s human capital development in the creative industries sectors.

Project Activities

  1. Digital competence training to enhance digital literacy.
  2. Creative entrepreneurship training to enhance readiness to work in the Creative Sector. The training includes Self-Employment, Freelancing, Entrepreneurship, Working-life skills, Monetizing IP, Networking, and Co-creation.
  3. Quality technical training in professional Creative Industry skills, such as animation, trained by Kenyan professionals. The training course includes practicals and market-driven curriculum, private-sector engagement, and portfolio development.
  4. Inspiring mentor visits by Kenyan professionals working in the Creative Sector.
  5. Project-based learning in teams to support team working skills needed in the creative sector.
  6. Immersive online learning.
  7. Capacity building of the trainers on PSEA and DO NO HARM -principle.

Project Outcomes

1. Enhanced digital literacy for the youth in Eastlands Nairobi
2. The ecosystem for creative industry education strengthened in the Eastlands area in Nairobi.
3. Positive visibility for the creative sector as a potential source of jobs and growth.
4. Increased number of training opportunities in the creative sector in Eastlands.
5. Entrepreneurial attitude and awareness increased.
6. Increased number of youth employed in the creative sector.