Joseph Raina the firstborn in a family of five, has emerged as a beacon of success, and his journey is a testament to the transformative impact of FCA Kenya’s Creative Industries program. Joseph’s passion for animation was kindled during his childhood, inspired by the joy of watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. Little did he know that this early fascination would evolve into a flourishing career.

“I always loved drawing cartoons as a kid. It started with watching Tom and Jerry and little did I know it would become my career,” he says.

His artistic journey began in primary school, when a local institution recognised and began selling his artwork. Despite a humble background, Joseph’s dedication to education led him to pursue animation after high school. Facing financial challenges, he resorted to selling stickers on the streets to fund his dream. Fortunately, FCA’s online opportunity became the turning point in his life.

Enrolled in the Creative Industries programme, Joseph delved into the intricacies of moulding characters, principles of animation, and advanced techniques but some of his family were against the idea. 

“Some family members didn’t understand animation; they thought I was wasting time drawing cartoons for kids.”

Graduating in 2023 marked a significant milestone, and Joseph’s life took a positive turn. Before the programme, he juggled casual work with studies, earning a meagre income. However, FCA’s training equipped him with the skills and confidence to secure better opportunities.

“It was a game-changer. I applied, got in, and learned everything about animation – moulding characters, animation principles, and advanced techniques. It was a dream come true!” Joseph narrates.

He added, “The skills I got from FCA enabled me to secure a scholarship from the American Embassy. Now, I’m doing film production with an international curriculum, being taught by international producers.”

Currently working with the Kengen Foundation, Joseph not only executes his projects but also delegates work to support his fellow colleagues. The impact of FCA’s programme extends beyond Joseph’s individual success, touching the lives of many youths seeking similar opportunities.

Recognizing the power of the creative industries, Joseph, now the CEO of his own company, has diversified into film production with an international curriculum, supported by a scholarship from the American Embassy. 

He emphasises that animation is not just about drawing; it’s about telling stories, preserving culture, advertising products uniquely, and reaching a global audience.

“Animation doesn’t limit you, it gives you freedom of telling stories, share our culture, and advertise products uniquely. FCA’s Creative Industries program opened doors I didn’t know existed. Through it, I’ve become the CEO of my own company.”

Through the skills gained from FCA Kenya, Joseph is eager to volunteer and teach other youths the basics of animation, ensuring that the cycle of empowerment continues. His success is an inspiration, proving that with passion, dedication, and the right opportunities, one can transcend challenges and make a lasting impact. Joseph Raina’s journey stands as a shining example of the limitless possibilities that FCA Kenya’s Creative Industries programme can unlock.

Text: Daisy Obare

FCA Kenya and Fallohide Studio partnered at an event designed to introduce Creative Industries students to exciting new technology

At a recent event in our Nairobi training centre, students enrolled in our pioneering creative industries programme experienced virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, thanks to a leading Kenyan production studio, which specializes in so-called Extended Reality or XR.

Creative industries students learning about virtual reality and augmented reality technologies
Creative industries students learning about virtual reality and augmented reality technologies

From virtual reality headsets to phone apps that allow you to digitally interact with the live environment, XR is nowadays an essential part of the creative design process. Fallohide Studio is a leader in the field and were on hand to guide our students through the limitless possibilities XR technology offers for creative expression and problem-solving.

A mix of graphic design, digital marketing, animation and web design students had the opportunity to use virtual reality headsets and explore how XR can enhance their creative work and drive innovation.

FCA is one of the only development organisations offering creative industries training to underprivileged communities. We see emerging technologies, such as XR as crucial for giving our students the edge when competing in the job market. We want them not only to dream big, but to turn those dreams into reality. Find out more about our Creative Industries programme