Impact of Floods on FCA Activities

Kenyan government postpone school reopening as the number of flood-related deaths hits rises

Nairobi-Kenya, 30 April 2024 

FCA Kenya is on high alert and closely monitoring the flood crisis in Kenya, evaluating its internal capacity to respond and mitigate the effects of the ongoing disaster. The organization has alerted its in-country donors, including PRM, UNICEF, and UNHCR, about the potential emergency situation.

“The magnitude of this crisis is significant,” says John Bongei, FCA Kenya Country Director. “In 2019, FCA’s emergency response project assisted 2,302 learners and teachers affected by landslides in 5 West Pokot County schools. Heavy rains in late 2019 triggered floods and landslides in the region, exacerbating the situation due to inadequate emergency plans at national and county levels. Over 3,533 households were affected, with bridges washed away, amplifying the need for humanitarian aid.”

“Following the Ministry of Education’s decision to postpone the reopening of schools by one week, our schools in Dadaab and Kakuma will remain closed until May 6, 2024. This measure will help mitigate the risks to children traveling through flooded areas to reach schools in rural Kenya,” adds Bongei.

While FCA’s schools in Kalobeyei have not experienced significant issues, a section of the Future Primary School’s fence was damaged by the strong currents of water. FCA’s engineering team and contractors are unable to access project areas due to the flooding.

Nationally, over 100 people have reportedly lost their lives due to the flooding, with several others still missing. The floods have also caused extensive damage to schools in Nairobi and parts of northern Kenya.

“We urge caution and vigilance among our team members and the public,” emphasizes Bongei. “It is better to postpone events and avoid risks associated with the floodwaters.”

FCA will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates as necessary.

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