Janet’s Journey: From Computer Novice to Empowered Digital Entrepreneur with FCA

Janet Kambua James, a mom of two, started a new chapter when she joined FCA. Before this, using a laptop and digital marketing were unfamiliar to her. It all changed when a friend told her about FCA’s digital marketing mentorship.

Excited to learn, Janet applied and got accepted in 2023. But learning to use a laptop wasn’t easy. On the first day, one of the teachers?, Madam Freddy, noticed she needed help. Janet asked her classmates during free time to teach her.

The three-month training covered logo design, finding clients, and starting a business. Janet remembers being told to go out, find clients, and offer her digital marketing skills.

Success came when she got her first job, designing a logo for Huru Contractors, and earned Ksh 3000. Another job with an automotive company followed, bringing in Ksh 2500. These early wins fueled Janet’s motivation.

Since joining FCA, Janet has been transformed personally and professionally. She gained confidence, education, and financial independence. Now, she mentors other women to be self-sufficient.

Grateful for the opportunity, Janet says, “I came here not knowing how to use a computer, but now I’m a pro. My plan is to own a big business and help others with digital skills.”

Digital marketing became Janet’s passion. “Nowadays, everything is digital,” she says. Janet supports her church by designing posters and promoting her salon online to get more clients.

Her advice to young women is clear: “enrol in free short courses to learn skills for a better future. During the three-month course, we studied content marketing, social media, and communication, helping me in my business.”

Thankful for FCA, Janet concludes, “I earn my own money and support my family comfortably. It’s our time to shine.” Janet’s story shows how FCA’s programs empower people to shine in the digital world.

Text: Daisy Obare